Why Heal YOur Mind, Body, and Spirit? Sleuthing Ways to Love

 ‘We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decision, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes – understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.’
                                                                                            Arianna Huffington 

                        Why Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit? Sleuthing Ways to Love


         Do you have pain from a traumatic event? The pain may be from a divorce, injuries from a car accident, a death of a loved one, health problems, and the list continues. This book provides education as to how to heal the mind, body, and spirit which does not occur during the pain. What is the pain? Do you want to find love again and your true-life purpose?  

          The stress may be identified as the individual feels the pain in the forms of anger and negative emotions. How does one manage the stress? One method to manage post-stress is to learn how to heal the mind, body, and spirit through five self-improvement strategies for the discovery of love. The strategies are ‘the Crime,’ ‘the Slime,’ ‘the Grime,’ the Time,’ and ‘the Prime.’

          ‘The Crime’ is when the participant identifies factors related to their pain. Anger, the ingredient of the second strategy known as ‘The Slime,' which the participant recognizes the rage that may be directed towards another person or perhaps the individual. Evaluating the various negative emotions is the third strategy known ‘The Grime.' ‘The Time’ is the participant discovers how to forgive and to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Finally, ‘The Prime’ is the participant finds the true-life purpose as loving again.  Each strategy has different approaches which the participant will be exposed to multiple opportunities for the purpose to heal their mind, body, and spirit and discovering love again.

 Copyrighted by Anne M. Logan


Who Are You? Planned Escape from Abuse


                                     ‘Do one thing every day that scares you,’ 

                                                                                                         Eleanor Roosevelt

          His house was an older home with six steps up to his front porch. There was no hand railing and the wooden steps were wobbly. I made a mental note of this. It may be a problem if he’s walking with a cane or a walker. I rang the doorbell and glanced at my wristwatch. It was 12:15 PM, which meant I was five minutes early. This patient had specifically asked for an appointment at 12:20 PM to conduct a health assessment for his insurance claim for his home care. I wonder why he scheduled this appointment for such an unusual time. I hope that he’ll be able to reach his home care goals following my assessment…
            I was standing in front of my patient’s front door as I saw my reflection in the window: a fifty-eight year old full-figured woman, neatly dressed, with honey-colored hair and a few gray strands, perky blue eyes peering over a pair of fashionable gold sunglasses and a pair of reading glasses laying on her shoulder-length hair.
           “Who are you?” asked the very old man, holding his front door open, as he pointed welcoming to the living room. His white pants and shirt hung loose on his ivory-colored body, as they previously fit a heavier frame; his face was wrinkled, his tall body was thin and his hair was snow white. I studied this blue-eyed gentleman closer, searching for clues that may identify him. I entered the room and promptly sat down in one of the green chairs. Why does he look familiar? I wondered.
             The elderly man smiled warmly as he sat opposite me in his worn golden chair. In one gentle movement, he reached for my left hand, pressing it firmly into his, before leaning back into his chair. His touch, while calming, had me anxiously tremble like a new green leaf blowing in the spring breeze. There’s something about this man… Why do I feel so nervous? In an attempt to calm my nerves, I bent over to reach for my work badge from my purse as I introduced myself. “My name is Kate Morgan. I’m a registered nurse hired to evaluate your health.”
              I gave him my work badge as he nodded. “Yes, you’re hired by my insurance company.”
              He promptly returned my badge and I put it back into my purse.           
              “Do I know you?” I asked, quizzing.
              “Who are you?” he asked again in his angelic voice, ignoring my question.
               I studied his face intensely. “I know you from some place – let me figure this out. Maybe my previous appointments would give me a clue. I know that I met you prior to this appointment,” I replied as I pulled out my scheduler from my work-bag. I quickly paged through my appointment book, as I felt a sweat bead roll down my back. My curiosity grew. “What do you want to know? My past education? Job experiences?” Why doesn’t he understand that I’m the nurse who phoned about doing his healthcare assessment? Maybe some form of dementia… What doesn’t he understand?
              “I know your past has been difficult. You started off as a poor farmer’s daughter who worked hard to become a successful registered nurse. You work currently at the nursing agency and as a nursing instructor at the local community college. And yet you feel like you haven’t fulfilled your purpose in life. Is this correct?” he asked.
             “Yes,” I answered, in a slightly trembling voice. I bit my lower lip, dumbfounded. “How do you know me?”
             I looked at his bright sunny smile as he probed for the third time. “Who are you?”
             Suddenly, I knew my answer and spoke in an unfamiliar, confident voice, “My name is Kate Louise Morgan and I’m proud to say that I traveled through a sensational life to arrive at this very moment.” Where in the world did those words come from? He’ll be happy with that answer! Now I can start asking him questions about his evaluation, such as his age…
            Interrupting my thoughts, I heard him ask, “Please, tell me more… I’m waiting…”
            It became clear that I wasn’t going to be able to ask his healthcare assessment questions yet, so I began sharing my life story with him as he leaned back further into his chair, closing his eyes. When I finished, he opened his eyes and sat quietly with his hands folded in a prayer formation.
            Suddenly, I recognized him. He was my precious angel, Michael. I heard him say, “Young lady, you’re going to write your story about solving your life’s difficulties. You’ll write many books.”
            His words haunt me today as I begin to write about how my life changed on that fateful day…

 Copyrighted by Anne M. Logan

Where Are You? Search for the Truth


  'I believe that we are solely responsible for our choices and we have to accept the consequences of every deed, word, and thought throughout our lifetime.' 

                                                                                                         Elizabeth Kubler-Ross



     The light-yellow hospital room was huge, filled with supplies for an emergency stretcher, a blood pressure cuff, a heart monitor, an intravenous pump, a thermometer, a suction canister, and an oxygen monitor. It was attractively decorated with beautiful yellow floral privacy curtains. To my right, I saw the wall clock which read 7:13 PM.   My lucky number is thirteen!  I observed the emergency room stretcher which had no bedrails. I made mental note of this.  It may be a problem if an elderly patient tries to turn...Yes, my life has had many turns...It's amazing to be free of my abusive, gay husband. I finally got away from the pain, abuse, and to think...this is where I end up?

     "Doctor Wagner, her heart rate is increasing to 160 - 180. Her blood pressure is low - 74 over 40! We're losing her! None of the drugs are working!" screamed the nurse dressed in gray scrubs as she dropped a syringe in the needle box.

    "Push IV Adenosine 6 mg NOW!" ordered the man in a white lab jacket as he looked at the heart monitor. "Now, damnit!  We can't lose her. Hurry! I need a consent NOW!"

     How can I help? No one is asking me! I can comfort this critical patient! What 's the patient's medical history? If she's not treated immediately, this patient will go into a cardiac arrest and die! We must save her!  She can't survive with such a fast heart rate and low blood pressure... Oh my God! I know that she needs a cardioversion...her heart rhythm is atrial fib - that leads to a deadly heart rhythm...Oh, I don't envy her! She needs to be sedated; her doctor needs to stop her heart and then shock her back to life...I pray my angel, Michael, will protect her...I'll run to get the emergency cart now...

      "Kate Louise Williams, please sign here for your cardioverison! Do you have any questions?" asked Doctor Wagner, who came into my field of vision as I read his name tag. Oh, my God...The critical patient is ME!  I became aware that my body was sweaty and trembling, my heart was pounding fast, my breathing was rapid, and I was feeling impending doom...Is my death near? ..."Oh, what the hell did you say, doctor?" I yelled, baffled. Michael, where are you?

      "Kate, please sign here NOW! We must do your cardiioverison immediately," he demanded, looking intently into my blue eyes. I signed the consent. This can't be happening to ME! The room became all black so I couldn't see Doctor Wagner, the nurse or the light-yellow room...Someone help me! Michael, where are you? Michael... 


Copyrighted by Anne M. Logan